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Great Dane Club of New England




  1. Increase the amount of unauthorized expenditures from $25 to $50 (on the part of the Treasurer) as currently stated in Article V, Section IV of the by-laws.
  2. A maximum of $75.00 may be expended either as a fee for a speaker or for two meals, whether it be for a speaker and his guest or a Club member and a speaker. A speaker is defined as a non-club member.
  3. The newsletter/bulletin should follow the format established by the Great Dane Club of New England.
  4. Any Executive Board member who is absent from three board meetings in one calendar year will be considered unseated and notified thereof and a successor shall be appointed by the Executive Committee for the remaining term.
  5. Use match entries at all matches and have a suggestion on the bottom of the match flyers that puppies should have all their shots. (11-70)
  6. A guest speaker is to have the floor before the regular business meeting. (2-76)
  7. The Secretary will do the newsletter and meeting notice in the most economical way. (3-76)
  8. The news bulletin should have a meeting notice and other pertinent information from the previous meeting. It must be sent out six days in advance of the next meeting. (9-77)
  9. A card will be sent to the owner’s on the loss of a dog/bitch and a page will be dedicated in our specialty catalog to such dogs. (10-77)
  10. Not to print the death of a dog not owned by a club member in the newsletter. (5-78)
  11. Specialty and match wins would be published in the newsletter. Litters bred by club members or out of their stud dogs can be published. (6-80)
  12. When the President chooses his Nominating Committee he will charge them to try to select candidates from outside the Nominating Committee when making choices for Board and officers. (5-83)
  13. Any member in good standing is eligible to serve as an officer or board member whether or not they are in the same household. (5-83)
  14. On the occasion of dinner meetings in the future, the GDCNE will have a dinner meeting with an option of either a program or a business meeting. The option can be worked out with the President and the Program Chairperson. (10-84)
  15. Only the secretary may tape the business meeting. Members may tape speakers with their permission. (06-87)
  16. Any member approved for Breeder Referral will receive a free listing on the GDCNE web site. (04-96)
  17. Eliminate supporting the entry for the All breed show that follows the GDCNE Fall Specialty. (09-97)
  18. On request, guests will receive newsletters for three months following attendance at a meeting. (03-00)
  19. The meeting draw ($1 per attendee) will grow continuously until there is a winner present. (03-00)
  20. The GDCNE shall maintain a web site ( for the purpose of providing information about the club and the Great Dane breed.



  1. Eligibility for Awards earned run from January 1 to December 31st of the previous year. Verification of the date the Title was completed is necessary. Verification is equal to publication by, or certificate/letter from the AKC verifying Title.
  2. The above information must be in the hands of the Awards Chairperson by April 15th of the year the award will be presented. It is the responsibility of the award recipient to complete all application requirements by the deadline. (Amended 6-83)
  3. Awards are to be of uniform size as previous years. (10-83)
  4. Each individual Dane belonging to a member in good standing, completing it’s Title after the date of membership and within that calendar year, will receive an award of each category eligible. (Categories are: Breeder/Owner – in the event the person is the owner and breeder, only one award will be received – Top Producer, a dog or bitch who has produced two or more champions in a calendar year and verification of the date of championship of get has been supplied – and Obedience Title.) (Amended 10-83)
  5. Should the Breeder/Owner (the first name which appears on the AKC registration form) not be a club member and the co-owner/co-breeder is a club member, the first co-owner or co-breeders name that appears on the AKC registration form, who is a club member, may receive a award.
  6. In the event that a dog finishes in a calendar year and the potential award recipient fails to get the proper verification to the Awards Chairperson by the cut-off date, that Dane is no longer eligible for a plaque or to be included on the top producer plaque. The responsibility of obtaining this information rests solely with the potential award recipient. (10-83)
  7. Recipients of awards must be a member in good standing, which is defined as having attended 1 meeting and 2 functions in the calendar year for which the award is earned. Functions are Matches and Specialty Shows. (03-89)
  8. The club agrees to pay for Awards plaques, not including medallion or lettering, to any member who has attended 4 or more meetings or who was the Spring Specialty Show Chairman/Secretary in the calendar year in which the award was earned. A yearly club expense cap of $500.00 is required. Any expenses over the $500.00 club donation will be shared by all awards recipients. (11-98)
  9. Presentation of awards will be held at the June meeting. (03-00)
  10. All US & Foreign Titles are eligible for plaques providing all previous stated criteria are met. (03-00)



  1. Amend the current guidelines regarding membership to read that new applicants would be listed for two months and voted on the third month. They would be listed in the third month’s news bulletin as "to be voted upon".
  2. Include in membership guidelines a recognition clause that recognizes a member effective the date he/she is actually voted into the Club by the Executive Board and that he/she has no retroactive privileges.
  3. The requirement for membership be changed from attendance at three meetings to attendance at 1 meeting and two functions. (11-80)
  4. All requirements for membership must be fulfilled within 6 months before or after the application has been submitted to the board. (10-91)


Specialty Shows

  1. Judges judging our specialties cannot judge Great Danes within a 500 mile radius and a 6 month time period. (Amended 9-83)
  2. List area Veterinarians including address and phone numbers in the premium list and judging schedules.
  3. Include a page in our specialty catalog which would list the year, judge and Best of Breed winner for all previous specialties since 1981.
  4. In all Specialty catalogs, when available, include a photo and a brief biography of the Breed and Sweepstakes judges.
  5. Letter of thanks to be sent to all those, other than club members, who donated trophy monies to our specialty. (6-77)
  6. Notify the membership for two months in the newsletter when the selection of a specialty judge is to take place. (2-78)
  7. Add a competitive veterans class to our specialties. (6-81)
  8. Give a bronze medallion for Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex and a silver medallion to the Best of Breed at our Specialties (Amended 6-83)
  9. The GDCNE Specialties will have no point restrictions in Sweepstakes classes. (10-84)
  10. The club will only restrict the Show Secretary and Show/Obedience Chairman from exhibiting at our specialties. (06-89)
  11. The secretary of the club will be responsible for filing point show applications to the AKC. (04-91)
  12. For historical purposes the club should have the top 7 winners and Best in Sweepstakes photographed at our specialties. The show chairman should do his or her best to invite the winners of stud dog, brood bitch, brace, and veterans to share a picture with the historian. (04-91)
  13. The show chairman will work closely with the Treasurer during a specialty event. Any and all monies that arrive in conjunction with the event will be given to the club treasurer for deposit into the club general account. (05-91)
  14. The process in which the GDCNE votes for its Specialty Judges will be as follows: The judges committee should consist of 3 members in good standing. If there are no volunteers the President will appoint the committee. The Judges Committee will submit names of Judges 3 times the number of slots to be filled. (Example: For 2 years there are 4 shows, therefore, 12 Breed & Sweepstakes Judges). The Secretary will send out a questionnaire as to judges availability and fee requirements with a request for a short "bio" . The questionnaire should be sent at least three months prior to the planned "vote" meeting. Membership will be notified for two months in the bulletin as to when the judges vote will take place and no other program will be scheduled during that time. (11-98)
  15. Update the entry fee for the Spring Specialty to $22.00. (02-99)
  16. 16. Include Veterans Sweepstakes at the GDCNE Fall Specialty so that spayed and neutered Veterans may participate in the host shows "Best Veteran" competition. (02-99)



  1. There shall be appointed, by the President, a Program Director whose responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, coordination of educational programs to be presented at monthly meetings. These programs will be of varied nature and will be open to the membership and interested parties.
  2. There shall be appointed by the President, a Public Education Coordinator (PEC). The PEC shall be
  3. the contact with the American Kennel Club (AKC) to receive and distribute materials published by the AKC for the education of the Fancy, and for persons interested in learning about purebred dogs.
  4. There shall be appointed, by the President, a Club Delegate and an alternate to Pure Bred Dog
  5. Breeder’s Referral Service, Inc. (PBDBRS). The purpose of PBDBRS is to promote the placement of purebred dogs through the membership in good standing with respective member clubs. The web site is
  6. The GDCNE shall not link individual member’s websites from its home page, rather a link will be maintained to PBDBRS for the purpose of providing information and educational links regarding the Great Dane.
  7. The GDCNE shall provide PBDBRS with complimentary advertising in its Spring Specialty Catalog.
  8. The GDCNE will sponsor a free listing annually with PBDBRS for any member willing to be listed as a contact for Great Dane information. That person, when contacted through PBDBRS, or other sources, will provide to the interested party a package of AKC and GDCA information, as approved by the Board.
  9. There shall be appointed, by the President, a Club Delegate to the Great Dane Club of America (GDCA) whose responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to (a) representing the membership of GDCNE at meetings of GDCA, (B) informing the members of changes and decisions made by the GDCA board, (c) providing the membership with any educational materials available through GDCA.
  10. The members of the GDCNE shall support and participate in activities sponsored by the GDCA Health and Welfare Committee that promote the betterment of the breed.


  1. The GDCNE shall provide charitable and educational service in the form of quality care and shelter, when necessary, of unwanted, neglected and/or abused Great Danes until proper homes can be found.
  2. The GDCNE shall actively participate in referral placement of unwanted Great Danes through (a) comprehensive screening of prospective homes, (b) temperament evaluation of available Great Dane dogs primarily based on information collected through the use of an approved intake form (c) dissemination of educational material relative to the rehoming and ownership of a Great Dane.

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