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1. Great Danes were once used to hunt:

a. wild boar

b. elk

c. bears

d. wolves


2. Which one of these terms is NOT used to describe the breed in the Official Standard for the Great Dane?

a. the Apollo of dogs

b. spirited

c. alert

d. dependable


3. Which ONE of these terms does the Official Standard use to describe the correct chest of the Great Dane?

a. broad

b. moderately muscled

c. well tucked up

d. with a pronounced sternum


4. Which of these Great Danes won Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club three times?

a. Ch. Reggen's Madas L. of Marydane

b. Ch. Honey Hollow Stormi Rudio

c. Ch. Lane's Turn Burgandy

d. Ch. Senta


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